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Temporary Server IP

djkemp a posted Aug 28, 12
Sorry about the downtime, moving house and have limited internet connection.

I have the server on a temporary IP of

LondonCraft New Server!

djkemp a posted Aug 14, 12
Welcome to LondonCraft!

What is LondonCraft?
LondonCraft is a new Bukkit MineCraft server based on an accurate 1/2 scale map of the City of London.

The area it covers is central London (image below) and will include all of the key tourist attractions such as the London Eye, Big Ben, the Shard and many others.

Map Area

How accurate is the map?
The map is based on a detailed OS style map and is approximately 1/2 scale with 1 meter equivalent to half a MineCraft block.

The buildings will be as close to half scale as possible, for example, the London Eye stands at 135 meters in real life which equates to 67/68 blocks high in MineCraft at half scale.

At the moment the map area is generated in grass to mark out the features and is ready to start being developed in game.

When will the server be available?
The server is currently under development so may be down during the day (GMT) but will be up during the evenings for development and testing.

Once development is complete it will be moved to a hosting environment that will be available 24/7 excluding downtime for maintenance.

Can I help out with the project?
If you'd like to get involved in the project please sign up here and request to be added to the white list via our forum's white list request topic. Once the server goes live the white list will be removed and the server will be publicly available.

Also, if you have any suggestions for the server please share them with us and we will take the best suggestions on board.

noobie200 Yes the server is coming great, though I would like to help, email me if u want help at benrosolak@hotmail.com thanks N...
nail181 I like the website very nice
nail181 Want to be Whitelisted? /\ READ
>>>Click Me To See The Awesome Server Map <<<

I've just installed and configured the Dynmap plugin which displays an awesome real time map of the server.

This should really help you guys to see what I'm trying to accomplish and also show where the buildings need to be built and their sizes.

Check it out!
noobie200 Thanks for the map plugin, i think it will really help server along.
Herodegon46   registered to LondonCraft
LondonCraft has reached a new record of 20 registered users today!
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